Research Workshops

The Society grant will offer financial support for workshops in experimental psychology. A maximum of £4,500 may be awarded to any individual proposal. Awards may be used to contribute towards travel and maintenance of workshop participants, and other basic costs (eg printing) as specified in the budget.

In considering proposals the Committee will give preference to workshops which could not normally be included in the format of regular EPS meetings, and which have not previously received an EPS grant. The Society will also favour workshops for which it can be recognised as a major supporter, rather than large scale meetings for which EPS support would constitute only a minor contribution. Workshops which are open to all EPS members and postgraduate students studying experimental psychology are more likely to be supported than are closed workshops. Similarly workshops within the UK which are easily accessible to EPS members and postgraduates are more likely to be supported than overseas workshops that would incur substantial travel costs.

In the evaluation of workshop proposals, the committee encourages applicants to develop a speaker programme that appropriately represents the diversity of the research community. In any cover letter, the applicant may wish to address how this was attempted. Presentations made at workshops do not count as presentations to the Society.

Only one application should be submitted in any given 12-month period (i.e. an unsuccessful application for a Research Workshop for the December deadline means the applicant should not submit another Research Workshop application until the next December deadline at the earliest). Furthermore, only one application can be submitted by an applicant, to any scheme, in a single round (i.e. an applicant cannot apply for both a Research Workshop and a Study Visit in the same round).

The procedure for applications is as follows:

The completed documents should be sent by email* (preferred) at, or by post.

* If emailing, applicants must prepare and submit a single PDF of the aggregated, signed application material. In this case it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all material is compiled and formatted appropriately. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all material is compiled and formatted appropriately. In either case material must be received in the office by the stated deadline. Please do not send a hard copy through the post if you have already emailed your submission.

Hard copies should be sent to:

Sam Hurn, EPS Administrator
School of Psychology
Keynes College, University of Kent

There are 4 submission deadlines per year – 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December. Proposals should be sent to the EPS administrator at least six months before the planned date of the workshop. The proposals will be circulated to committee members with the Agenda for the next Committee Meeting. The proposed date of the Research Workshop should be at least 8 weeks after the funding deadline date. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

For Successful Applications

Successful applicants should submit a brief (c. 1000 word) report of the workshop together with an account of all expenditure within eight weeks of its completion. The final report form should include an invoice with full details of the award holder (please note that invoices should not be sent to the EPS separate to the final report). The Society’s assistance should be acknowledged on any printed material arising from the workshop.

Research Workshop Report Form – Word

Payment is normally made in arrears.  Any requests to release agreed funding in advance should be stated at the point of application.

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