Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

About the journal

Promoting the interests of scientific psychology and its researchers, the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (QJEP), the journal of the Experimental Psychology Society, is a leading journal with a long-standing tradition of publishing cutting-edge research. Many articles have become classic papers in the fields of attention, perception, learning, memory, language, and reasoning. The journal publishes original articles on any topic within the field of experimental psychology (including comparative research), as well as methodological papers and review articles. In addition, we welcome special issues that provide an invaluable focus on topical and contemporary area of interest.

Members of the EPS have free online access to the QJEP.


The EPS uses over 90% of its income from QJEP to fund scientific conferences, workshops, study visits and small research grants.  Most of the beneficiaries are students, postdoctoral and early career researchers.  For many experimental psychologists, especially those in early career, this funding provides a lifeline.  It enables them to communicate with colleagues in a research-intensive environment, develop research links, establish lines of research that are subsequently funded by larger organisations, and to continue their work in periods when larger grants are elusive.

If you are a member and require a print copy of the journal then please get in touch: expsychsoc@kent.ac.uk.

If you would like to publish in the QJEP please see the submission guidelines for authors.