Members are invited to submit proposals for short, themed symposia for possible inclusion in programmes for future meetings. A symposium will normally consist of 4 – 6 papers maximum, occupying not more than half a day.

Speakers may be members or non-members of the EPS, and overseas speakers can be included. Regular meetings may include one or two symposia.

Proposals should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary to allow consideration by the Committee at least two EPS meetings before the symposium is to take place. Submissions should include a short paragraph setting out the importance and timeliness of the symposium topic and should list the names of researchers who have informally agreed to participate, plus the names of one or two reserves. Convenors will be informed of the outcome of the application shortly after the proposal is considered. If a proposal is approved, the convenor will be invited to chair the symposium.

Financial Support for Symposia

Symposium convenors may apply for financial support up to a maximum of £4,500 per symposium, to be allocated by the symposium convenor. This sum can normally only contribute towards the following expenses of the symposia speakers: EPS conference dinners, standard flights for non-UK speakers, standard class rail travel or fuel costs for transport within the UK, and accommodation at the standard EPS bed and breakfast venue (up to £100/night or £150 in London). Receipts are necessary for all claims.

Reimbursement in excess of £750 for a single speaker requires prior approval by the Committee. Any financial support must be approved by the Committee in advance of the symposium and preferably at least two meetings beforehand.