Inviting contributions for QJEP Special Issue

Sources of variation in search and foraging

Search – the problem of exploring a space of alternatives in order to identify target goals – is a fundamental behaviour for many species and underpins foraging. Although most studies of human search have focused on the mechanisms underlying efficient visual exploration of two-dimensional scenes, there has been renewed interest in characterisations of search that integrate behaviour across environments, spatial scales, and populations. Accumulating evidence shows search and foraging to be affected by differences in factors such as scale, context, lifestyle, ecology, species, culture and age, as well as by neuropsychological conditions and neuromodulation. For this Special Issue we invite contributions from a range of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural ecology, to provide contemporary theoretical, experimental, and computational perspectives on search and foraging, along with the variety of factors that might affect it.

Editors: Alastair D. Smith & Carlo De Lillo

Submission deadline: 15/01/2020

Review and publication:

Papers will be subject to peer review, as is standard at QJEP. Papers can be submitted up to, but not beyond, the deadline. Upon receipt, papers will be evaluated promptly and, where appropriate, sent out to review. Each paper will be published “on-line first” when it is accepted. When all articles have been accepted, they will be grouped and published together as the Special Issue in the next issue. Authors are requested to indicate clearly in their submission cover letter that their paper is for consideration as part of the Special Issue.

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