Next Meeting

EPS Meeting: University College London. 4th – 6th January 2023.

This meeting is scheduled to include the 51st Bartlett Lecture by Robert Logie (with an accompanying symposium organised by Alicia Forsberg) and the 29th EPS Prize Lecture by Catherine Manning (with an accompanying symposium organised by Louisa Thomas).

There will also be a symposium co-hosted by the Psychonomic Society entitled, ‘Cognition in the “real-world”: How, Why and What next?’ Organized by Seema Prasad (Technical University Dresden, Germany) and Ramesh Kumar Mishra (University of Hyderabad, India). Speakers will include:

Miles Tufft (University College London)
Bernhard Hommel (Technical University Dresden, Germany)
Megan Freeth (University of Sheffield)
Falk Huettig (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, The Netherlands)
Sonali Nag (University of Oxford)
Gustav Kuhn (Goldsmiths, University of London)

The submission portals for the EPS London meeting for oral and poster presentations are now closed.

Local Organiser: Jo Taylor