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Joint CPS/EPS Meeting: Peking University, Beijing, China. 3-5 April 2020

This joint meeting will include the 18th EPS Mid-Career Lecture by Matthew Rushworth with an associated symposium organised by Xiaohong Wan.

This meeting also includes eight EPS-funded symposia:

Perception in Virtual Worlds (Markus Bindemann)
Speakers: Markus Bindemann, Li Li, Paul Warren and Tian Ye

How do children learn new words when they are reading? (Hazel Blythe)
Speakers: Tuomo Häikiö, Hong Li, Fei Fei Liang and Xenia Schmalz

Social Cognition Across the Lifespan (Elisabeth Bradford)
Speakers: Elisabeth Bradford, Yulu Chen, Yanjie Su and Jessica Wang

New advances in language alignment during interaction (Holly Branigan)
Speakers: Riccardo Fusaroli, Jian Huang, Caroline Rowland and Min Wang

Beyond the language given: how people decode indirect messages in communication (Mingyuan Chu)
Speakers: Mingyuan Chu, Ruth Filik, Peter Hagoort and Xiaolin Zhou

Sensorimotor cognition (Patrick Haggard)
Speakers: Patrick Haggard, Asifa Majid, Liping Wang and Wen Wen

Face recognition in real world tasks (Kay Ritchie)
Speakers: William Hayward, Janet Hsiao, Kay Ritchie and Alice Towler

Interrogating the nature of spoken and written language representations in typical and atypical populations using neuroimaging (Jo Taylor)
Speakers: Yanchao Bi, Urs Maurer, Kathy Rastle and Jo Taylor

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More information regarding visas, accommodation and travel can be found here.

The submission registration page for EPS members and those requiring EPS sponsorship for this meeting can be found here.

Portal submissions for oral and poster abstracts for EPS Beijing are now closed.