Applying for Ordinary Membership

Applications for new ordinary members should be made using the Membership Application Form. Application forms should be sent to the EPS Administrator by email (preferred) at by one of the application deadlines, 1st March or 1st September. The completed documents can also be sent by post.

Membership Application Form (PDF)
Membership Application Form (Word)


In order to become a member of the EPS, you must:

  • Be a researcher in experimental psychology (broadly interpreted).
  • Hold a PhD.
  • Have presented an oral presentation and / or a research study poster to a meeting of the Society*.
  • Have published an account of their research with prominent authorship (e.g. sole, first or last) in peer reviewed, reputable, psychological or cognate journals (a minimum of two papers).
  • Be able to attend meetings reasonably often (those who are resident outside Europe will be asked for assurance that they can attend meetings reasonably often).
  • Be nominated by one EPS Ordinary Member.

*Please note that the EPS Administrator will check this against the relevant final published meeting programme. Talks / posters that were accepted at submission but were subsequently withdrawn will not qualify for membership of the Society. Talks / posters that replaced another listed in the programme will qualify for membership of the Society if the substitution is confirmed before the online programme is finalised (one week before each meeting). Research Plan poster presentations do not fulfil the criterion of presenting to the EPS.

If you wish to discuss this issue, or criteria for membership more generally, please contact the EPS Administrator / EPS Hon Secretary.

Application Procedure

Once the applications are received, the EPS committee scrutinise applications and recommend eligible applicants for ordinary membership. Brief details of recommended candidates will be circulated to members of the society who may request further information. The list of eligible applicants will be put to the July Business Meeting, following the March deadline, and the Annual General Meeting in January, following the September deadline, for approval.

If you apply for EPS Ordinary Membership, you are only eligible to apply for funding once the application has been formally ratified (i.e. at the January AGM or July Business Meeting).

Any candidate not selected as eligible by the Committee will be informed, advised whether he/she may be proposed for membership in a future year and, if so, subject to what conditions.

Identifying EPS members for nomination

By signing the nomination form for EPS Ordinary Membership, the proposer confirms that the applicant’s research is of a high quality and a good fit with experimental psychology, and that the applicant will be able to attend meetings reasonably often, so that they are well integrated with the EPS membership.

The Society has enabled initial integration into our scientific community by a) providing a service to find a sponsor for non-members who wish to give an oral/poster presentation, b) not requiring a member sponsor for postgraduate membership applications, and c) providing Grindley Grant and Carers funding to support early career researchers attending our meetings. It is hoped that by attending meetings and presenting their research, researchers will have the opportunity to benefit from the EPS membership and make connections that can support a membership application.

Applicants who meet all the eligibility criteria for ordinary membership, but do not have a proposer in the Society, are invited to contact the EPS Administrator at for help identifying EPS members in their home institution, or a member of the committee, who can provide a nomination.

Subscription Fee Waivers for Special Circumstances

In line with best practice, the EPS can offer subscription fee waivers for special circumstances to ordinary members of the Society.

The one-year waiver applies to long-term parental leave, long-term sick leave, carers leave or a career break of one year or more.

You retain all your benefits of membership during this period and are able to apply for EPS funding (if eligible).

To request a waiver, please email us at