EPS Mid-Career Award

The EPS Mid-Career Award was established by the Committee in 2002. Its purpose is to recognise an experimental psychologist who is currently active in research, and has a distinguished research record over a substantial period. Other factors which the Committee may take into account include breadth of research achievement, and contribution to the advancement of experimental psychology, for example by enhancing the public understanding and esteem of experimental psychology, or fostering links with other disciplines, or stimulating good independent work by young researchers. Nominees typically will have gained their PhD 15 – 25 years previously but Committee need not adhere to these limits.

Nominations may be made by any Ordinary Member of the Society. Each nomination must include the nominee’s CV, with a covering letter which shows how the nominee meets the above criteria, with specific examples (nb. we do not accept self-nominations). Nominations should be sent to the Hon Secretary by the closing date of 1 September each year.

Although nominees will often be EPS members, current members of the EPS Committee are not eligible. Nominations need not be restricted to EPS members or those of British nationality. The Committee will make a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting, at which members elect the Award winner. The Award winner will be invited to deliver the EPS Mid-Career Award Lecture to any of the Society’s meetings in the forthcoming year. As in the case of the Bartlett Lecture, the EPS Mid-Career Award Lecture will be open to all, and a manuscript based on the Lecture should be submitted to the Society for publication.

An honorarium (whose value is determined by the Committee) is paid on delivery of the manuscript of the Lecture in a form suitable for publication. At the same time, the award-winner will become a life member of the EPS. His or her membership subscription will be paid by the Society until retirement or as long as he or she wishes to remain a member.  For further details, see the Society’s rules 37-42.

Further information:

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