EPS Mid-Career Award

The EPS Mid-Career Award was established by the Committee in 2002. Its purpose is to recognise an experimental psychologist who is currently active in research, and has a distinguished research record over a substantial period. Other factors which the Committee may take into account include breadth of research achievement, and contribution to the advancement of experimental psychology, for example by enhancing the public understanding and esteem of experimental psychology, or fostering links with other disciplines, or stimulating good independent work by young researchers. Nominees typically will have gained their PhD 15 – 25 years prior to nomination (bearing in mind career breaks or part-time employment etc).

The Award is made annually. Nominations may be made by any Member of the Society (the committee does not accept self-nominations). Each nomination must include the nominee’s CV, with a covering letter explaining how the nominee meets the above criteria, with specific examples.  The letter should document any evidence that the nominee is held in high esteem, has been influential, or is regarded as an authority, among scientists nationally and internationally. Nominations should be sent to the Honorary Secretary by the closing date of 1 September each year.

The completed documents should be sent to the Honorary Secretary by email* (preferred) at expsychsoc@kent.ac.uk, or by post.

* If emailing, applicants must prepare and submit a single PDF of the aggregated, signed application material. In this case it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all material is compiled and formatted appropriately. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all material is compiled and formatted appropriately. In either case material must be received in the office by the stated deadline. Please do not send a hard copy through the post if you have already emailed your submission.

Although nominees will often be EPS members, current members of the EPS Committee are not eligible. Nominations need not be restricted to EPS members or those of British nationality. The Committee will make a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting, at which members elect the Award winner.

The Lecture is delivered at a meeting of the Society in the forthcoming year and is open to the general public without payment. After the Lecture has been delivered, the Lecturer is asked to submit a manuscript of the Lecture to the Society for publication. An honorarium of £2000 is paid on delivery of the manuscript in a form suitable for publication. At their discretion, the EPS may wish to support and enhance the research value of the publication with supplementary resources, such as video material, prepared at the expense of the EPS. For further details, members are invited to consult the rules in the Handbook.

Further information:

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