The very first meeting of the EPS was held in 1946, St John’s College, Cambridge. It was convened by Oliver Zangwill with the aim of providing a new body for people specifically engaged in experimental psychology.

Zangwill and others 1937
Oliver Zangwill pictured with Carolus Oldfield and Kenneth Craik outside The Bunshop, Cambridge, c1937. Photograph presented to the Cambridge Psychological Laboratory

The material described in the pages below was originally written for “The Experimental Psychology Society: 1946 – 1996”, edited by J. D. Mollon and published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary meeting, Cambridge, 1996.

  1. History of the EPS: Beginnings
  2. History of the EPS: Meetings
  3. History of the EPS: Overseas Contacts
  4. History of the EPS: Publications
  5. History of the EPS: Membership
  6. Reflections on the Early Days: Past Perceptions
  7. Reflections on the Early Days: The EPS and the EPG
  8. Reflections on the Early Days: ‘….such a light blue tinge’
  9. Oral History
  10. List of EPS Officers and Committee Members