EPS Carers Fund

The Society recognises that many of its members have caring responsibilities, whether this is for children, elderly or disabled relatives or friends. As a result, they are sometimes prevented from attending conferences and meetings because there is no provision for the extra costs incurred in paying for the additional care needed while they are away at the meeting and this can be a motivational hurdle in contributing to research meetings.

The EPS Carers Fund has been established to provide members with a grant to support them in attending EPS meetings and related events (e.g. workshops), that they might not otherwise be able to go to because of their care responsibilities. The aim of the fund is to contribute towards these additional costs of care when attending meetings.

The total grant fund available each year for awarding to successful applicants is limited.

We appreciate that the arrangements members have in place may be varied and we do not wish to place restrictions on how the grant will be used, except that:

  • It must be used towards the costs associated with additional care for the person or people that the member cares for (i.e. not care that would be in place irrespective of the meeting)
  • It must be an EPS meeting or EPS-funded workshop

Submitting an Application

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the meeting. A decision will be made by the committee normally within two weeks of receipt of the application. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

  • Any travel should originate/be destined to the UK.
  • Any travel should originate from the applicant’s home institution.
  • There is no formal cap on the hourly rate, but claims should be reasonable and justifiable.
  • The grant is not limited to childcare, although it can include:  a) additional childcare if necessary, b) assistance with travel, e.g. if dependent needs to accompany them to meeting.
  • There is no cap on the number of applications.
  • Applications will be processed in date order from when they are received.

Carers’ Fund Application Form – PDF
Carers’ Fund Application Form – Word

All sections of the application form must be completed.


Any EPS Ordinary or Postgraduate member is eligible to apply for a grant.

We appreciate that there may be more than one occasion per year that members wish to apply for, however priority will be given to those who have not previously claimed.

Priority may be given to applications enabling members to present at a meeting, but the fund is not restricted to such circumstances.

We will not normally pay out more than £250 to any member in a calendar year.


All recipients are requested to complete a short form following the event, confirming attendance and any benefit obtained from attendance. Recipients may also wish to comment on the effectiveness of the fund contributing to additional caring costs. Proof of receipts for the costs being claimed are necessary.

All claims are to be received within 4 weeks of the meeting.

EPS Carers Fund Claim Form – PDF
EPS Carers Fund Claim Form – Word

The grant will be paid after attendance at the meeting and once the report has been received. Any applicant who cannot attend without receiving payment beforehand should contact the EPS administrator expsychsoc@kent.ac.uk.

Completed forms and further enquiries should be emailed to expsychsoc@kent.ac.uk or directed to:

Sam Hurn
EPS Administrator
School of Psychology
Keynes College, University of Kent