Future Meetings and Workshops

Portal opening guidelines to be considered by those wishing to submit abstracts is that the portal for January meetings will open in early September the previous year (i.e. for January 2023, the portal will open in early September 2022). The portals for the Spring meeting will open in early January and for the Summer meeting, the portals will open in early April.

Given ongoing challenges with our highly popular EPS submission portals (especially for talk submissions), we will be trialling a new process for submissions at the next meeting. The portals will open as usual at 10am (see below for next portal date) but will remain open for a minimum of 24 hours. In order to manage demand, we request a maximum of two talk submissions per lab (no limit on poster submissions or non-member sponsorship).

After 24 hours, we will check whether submission numbers exceed slots available and if so, will conduct a light touch review of submissions (to check eligibility) then select talks using a lottery system. Where possible, talks that are not selected in the lottery will be offered a poster.

If talk slots remain after 24 hours, the portal will remain open until full, and restrictions on the number of submissions per lab will be lifted.

We will review this new process after the Plymouth meeting.

EPS Research Workshop: University of Dundee. 15th – 16th June 2023.

Insights into (and from) longitudinal data analysis.

This workshop will bring together researchers who have an interest in longitudinal data analysis – whether already engaging in longitudinal data or wanting to learn about how to start engaging in longitudinal approaches – to provide an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities associated with longitudinal data, as well as different approaches to longitudinal analysis. Longitudinal data are an essential tool for researchers, including in experimental psychology: this approach can help to further our understanding of how different abilities change over time, provide insights into causal relationships between variables, as well as highlight the timing of different events or milestones as they emerge. In this two-day workshop, these topics will be examined through presentations and discussions with researchers who are actively engaged with longitudinal data, allowing opportunity to present different perspectives on the benefits, challenges, and approaches to longitudinal data, as well as the opportunity for interactive discussions regarding key relevant topics.

Details are available via this Eventbrite page. The workshop will be free to attend, but attendees must register using this link, please.

Organiser: Lizzie Bradford

EPS Meeting: University of Plymouth. 19th – 21st April 2023.

This meeting will include 30th EPS Prize Lecture by Clare Sutherland (with an accompanying symposium organised by Mila Mileva) and the 12th Frith Prize Lecture by Tom Arthur.

EPS Plymouth – Meeting Programme

Click here to book a place at the EPS Plymouth Conference Dinner.

Local Organiser: Alastair Smith

EPS Meeting: Swansea University. 12th – 14th July 2023.

This meeting will include the 21st Mid-Career Lecture by Gareth Gaskell (with an accompanying symposium organised by Jelena Mirkovic, Matt Davis and Jenni Rodd), as well as the 2023 EPS/BSA Undergraduate Prize talk by Lottie Shipp and the President’s address by Kathy Rastle.

This meeting will also include a workshop, entitled “Making it as an Early Career Academic”, organised by Gavin Buckingham.

When academics are appointed as a lecturer, they are thrown so far into the deep end from the (very different) world of postdoc or PhD student that it’s such a jarring change of pace and direction which totally derails people during these important years. It is becoming apparent to universities that ‘surviving your first year as a lecturer post’ is something that junior academics really do need support with. There is almost no formal provision for this support beyond unguided internal mentoring schemes. This half day workshop will cover getting your first lectureship to how to survive your first year as an academic on an open-ended (permanent) contract and will be a mixture of delivered content and facilitated discussion.

In addition, we will be opening a portal in April 2023 for members and their guests to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

Local Organiser: Jeremy Tree

EPS Meeting: University College London. January 2024.

This meeting will include the 52nd Bartlett Lecture by Marlene Behrmann (with an accompanying symposium organised by Karalyn Patterson) and the 22nd EPS Mid-Career Award Lecture by Geoffrey Bird (with an accompanying symposium co-organised by Caroline Catmur and Jennifer Murphy).

Local Organiser: Jo Taylor

EPS Meeting: Nottingham Trent University. April 2024.

This meeting will include the 31st EPS Prize Lecture by Nadine Lavan (with an accompanying symposium co-organised by Kay Ritchie and Harriet Smith).

Local Organiser: Duncan Guest

EPS Meeting: University of York. July 2024.

Local organiser: Aidan Horner

EPS Meeting: University College London. January 2025.

Local Organiser: TBC

EPS Meeting: TBC. April 2025.

Local Organiser: TBC

EPS Meeting: TBC. July 2025.

Local organiser: TBC