Future Meetings and Workshops


Research Workshop: The organisational principles of the visual ventral stream: convergent evidence from neuroimaging, neuropsychology, and computational modelling. To be held at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge. 23 September 2019

This workshop will bring together researchers who are studying the organisation of the visual ventral stream from different methodological perspectives, not only to promote discussion between these established groups, but also to promote collaboration with a wider audience. Registration is open now to all (both EPS members and non-members). Spaces are limited to a total of 90 attendees.


Organisers: Grace Rice, Sheila Kerry, Alex Leff, Matthew Lambon Ralph & Randi Starrfelt

EPS Meeting: University College London. 8-10 January 2020

The next scientific meeting of the EPS will be held at University College London, between 8th and 10th January 2020. This meeting will include a British Science Association/EPS Undergraduate Project Prize talk by one of the joint 2019 winners, Gwydion Williams of UCL, and a President’s address by Professor John Duncan, to welcome him into his new role as President of the Society. There will also be a symposium organised by Daniel Yon, Cause and effect in action.

Local organiser: James Bisby

Portals for oral and poster submissions will open in September 2019.

Date to be announced.

EPS Meeting: Peking University, Beijing, China. 3-5 April 2020

This meeting will include the 18th EPS Mid-Career Lecture by Matthew Rushworth.

For enquiries about opportunities to develop this meeting please contact Simon Liversedge (spliversedge@uclan.ac.uk)

Research Workshop: Brain, Cognition, Emotion and Music (BCEM): The Quartet with a Missing Link. To be held at the University of Kent. 22-24 May 2020.

Organisers: Amir‐Homayoun Javadi, Andrea Halpern and Amelia Turrell.

EPS Meeting: Swansea University, 1-3 July 2020

This meeting will include the 48th Bartlett Lecture by Susan Carey (symposium organised by Josep Call), and the 27th EPS Prize Lecture by Camilla Gilmore (symposium organised by Silke Goebel).

Local organiser: Jeremy Tree

EPS Meeting: University College London. January 2021

Local organiser: to be advised

EPS Meeting: University of Plymouth. April 2021

Local organiser: Alastair Smith

EPS Meeting: Nottingham Trent University. July 2021

Local organiser: Duncan Guest

EPS Meeting: University College London. January 2022

Local organiser: to be advised

EPS Meeting: Keele University. April 2022

Local organiser: Jim Grange

EPS Meeting: University of Stirling. July 2022

Local organiser: to be advised