President’s Commendation for Student Posters – Winners

April 2018, Leicester 

Sophie Hardy (University of Birmingham). Ageing and sentence production: Impaired lexical access in the context of intact syntactic priming. With Katrien Segaert (University of Agder, Norway) & Linda Wheeldon (University of Birmingham).

January 2019, London  

Kerri Bailey (University of East Anglia). Decoding the sound of hand-object interactions in primary somatosensory cortex. With Bruno Giordano (Aix-Marseille Université, France),  Amanda Kaas (Maastricht University, The Netherlands) and Fraser Smith (University of East Anglia).

April 2019, Manchester

Abbie Millett (University of Essex) Does perspective validity and visual barriers prevent spontaneous perspective taking? With Antonia D’Souza and Geoff Cole (University of Essex).

July 2019, Bournemouth

Clare Lally (Royal Holloway, University of London) Sentence congruency constraints on letter identification. With Kathy Rastle (Royal Holloway, University of London).

January 2020, London

Bryony Payne (University College London) Perceptual prioritisation of self-associated voices. With Nadine Lavan (University College London), Sarah Knight (University of York) and Carolyn McGettigan (University College London).

July 2020, EPS Online

Ivan Ezquerra-Romano (University College London) Research Plan Poster – ”Filling out” and “Emptying in” of skin sensations. With Patrick Haggard (University College London).


Veronika Hadjipanayi (University of Bristol) Eye movements during unequal attention splitting in a multiple object tracking task. With Chris Kent and Casimir Ludwig (University of Bristol).

January 2021, Online

Jamie Cockcroft (University of York), Schema influence on behaviour for both schema-relevant and -irrelevant information, supervised by Aidan Horner and Gareth Gaskell and special thanks to the co-author of this work, Sam Berens.

April 2021, Online

Tom Arthur (University of Exeter), Expecting the unexpected: An examination of active inference in autistic adults using immersive virtual reality, supervised by Samuel Vine, Gavin Buckingham and Mark Brosnan) and Cátia Ferreira De Oliveira (University of York), Procedural learning in the SRT task: A long road to stability, supervised by Lisa Henderson and Emma Hayiou-Thomas.

July 2021, Online

Hellen Jing Yuan (Cardiff University), Early sensory processing of a feature is modulated by the feature’s relevance to high-level object perception, supervised by Christoph Teufel and Krishna Singh.

January 2022, Online

Rebecca Crowley (Royal Holloway, University of London), Forgetting of newly learned words: Fragmented or holistic depending on retrieval practice, supervised by Jakke Tamminen.

March 2022, Keele

Ionela Bara (Bangor University), ‘How does art knowledge training impact judgments of artworks?, supervised by Richard Ramsey.

July 2022, Stirling

Isaac Duncan-Cross (University of Manchester), Investigating the processing of real and prosthetic hands: What can mental rotation tell us?, supervised by Ellen Poliakoff.

January 2023, London

David Goldenhaus-Manning (University of Essex), ‘Updating single features in visual working memory’, supervised by Vanessa Loaiza and Nicholas Cooper.

April 2023, Plymouth

Anita Twele (Brock University, Canada), ‘What happens to competence? The second dimension underlying first impressions of older adult faces changes with use of naturalistic vs. controlled images’, supervised by Catherine Mondloch.

July 2023, Swansea

Rebecca Norman (University College London) ‘Contextual diversity, lexical processing, and word learning: A scoping review’, supervised by Jo Taylor and Jenni Rodd.