Frith Prize Winners

Frith Prize Winners 2012 onwards:

The effects of hearing loss and age on temporal coding in the auditory system
Dr Kathryn Hopkins, University of Manchester
University of Hull, April 2012

The episodic nature of repetition priming
Dr Aidan Horner, University College London
Lancaster University, April 2013

Deconstructing imitation in autism: Mirror neurons, motion perception and movement kinematics
Dr Jennifer Cook, City University London
Newcastle University, July 2014

The neural mechanisms of relief: The role of safety signals in avoidance learning
Dr Anushka Fernando, University of Oxford
University of Leeds, April 2015

Exploring the temporal and spatial dynamics of the semantic network using TMS and fMRI
Dr Rebecca Jackson, University of Manchester
Durham University, April 2016

The contribution of alexithymia to impaired socio-affective processing across disorders
Dr Rebecca Brewer, University of East London
Queen’s University Belfast, April 2017

Neurocomputational mechanisms of selfishness and prosociality

Dr Patricia Lockwood, University of Oxford
University of Leicester, April 2018