EPS Prize Lectures

EPS Prize Lectures 1994 onwards:

Is human learning rational?
David Shanks, University College London
University of Exeter, July 1994

Cross modal interactions in attention
Jon Driver, University of Cambridge
University of Birmingham, July 1995

Co-ordinating actions
Patrick Haggard, University College London
University College London, January 1996

The rational analysis of cognition
Nick Chater, University of Warwick
University of Oxford, March 1997

The time course of perceptual categorization
Koen Lamberts, University of Birmingham
University of York, July 1998

Associative priming in Pavlovian conditioning
Rob Honey, Cardiff University
University of Oxford, March 1999

Deficit and difference in autistic cognition
Francesca Happé, University of London
National Hospital, London, January 2000

Large-scale space and episodic memory
Neil Burgess, University College London
University College London, January 2001

The role of the prefrontal cortex in actions and habits
Simon Killcross, Cardiff University
University of Leuven, Belgium, April 2002

Crossmodal attention and multisensory integration
Charles Spence, Oxford University
University College London, January 2003

What can functional imaging tell the experimental psychologist?
Richard Henson, University College London
University College London, January 2004

A framework for facial expression recognition: Better late than never
Andy Calder, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
University College London, January 2005

Making connections between learning to read and reading to learn
Kate Nation, University of Oxford
University College London, January 2007

Decoding consciousness
Geraint Rees, University College London
University of Edinburgh, July 2007

Decision by sampling
Neil Stewart, University of Warwick
University College London, January 2008

Fractionating the musical mind: Insights from congenital amusia
Lauren Stewart, Goldsmith’s University of London
Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, July 2009

What is “Theory of mind”?
Ian Apperly, University of Birmingham
University of Manchester, July 2010

Licking and liking: The assessment of hedonic responses in rodents
Dominic Dwyer, Cardiff University
University of Nottingham, July 2011

Memory and the brain: Convergence and divergence between neuroimaging and neuropsychology
Jon Simons, University of Cambridge
University College London, January 2012

Social interaction – the brain and cognitive systems for getting along with each other
Antonia Hamilton, University of Nottingham
Bangor University, July 2013

Distorted body representations in healthy adults
Matt Longo, Birkbeck College, University of London
Newcastle University, July 2014

The multisensory basis of the self: From body to identity to others
Manos Tsakiris, Royal Holloway University of London
University of Lincoln, July 2015

Beyond the attentional homunculus: Attention and memory over developmental time
Gaia Scerif, University of Oxford
University of Oxford, July 2016

Executive control of (impulsive) action
Frederick Verbruggen, University of Exeter
University of Reading, July 2017

Stability and change in developmental language disorders
Courtenay Norbury, University College London
University of Leicester, April 2018