EPS Mid-Career Award Winners

EPS Mid-Career Awards 2004 onwards:

Attention in the brain
John Duncan, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Lancaster University, July 2004

Developmental cognitive genetics: How psychology can inform genetics and
vice versa

Dorothy Bishop, University of Oxford
Joint Meeting with Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science, Montreal, July 2005

Selective attention, multisensory integration and spatial neglect
Jon Driver, University College London
University College London, January 2006

Understanding anterograde amnesia: Disconnections and hidden lesions
John Aggleton, Cardiff University
Joint meeting with Belgian Association of Psychological Science, Cardiff University, April 2007

Seeing the future: Natural image sequences produce anticipatory neuronal activity
David Perrett, University of St Andrews
University of Cambridge, April 2008

Simulation of another person’s behaviour: Effects on object and person attributes
Steve Tipper, University of North Wales
University of Leicester, April 2009

Understanding the “social brain”: A developmental cognitive neuroscience
Mark Johnson, Birkbeck University of London
Joint meeting with SEPEX, University of Granada, April 2010

Are there multiple memory systems? Tests of models of implicit and explicit memory
David Shanks, University College London
University of Oxford, April 2011

Understanding face recognition: Are we nearly there yet?
Mike Burton, University of Aberdeen
University College London, January 2012

To load or not to load? The role of load attention, perception and memory
Nilli Lavie, University College London
University College London, January 2013

Ways of Thinking: From crows to children and back again
Nicola Clayton, University of Cambridge
Lancaster University, April 2013

Top-down control in visual attention
Martin Eimer, Birkbeck College University of London
University of Kent, April 2014

Producing and comprehending language in monologue and dialogue
Martin Pickering, University of Edinburgh
University of Leeds, April 2015

The causes and consequences of typical and atypical working memory development
Christopher Jarrold, University of Bristol
University College London, January 2016

Writing systems, reading and language
Kathy Rastle, Royal Holloway University of London
University of Reading, July 2017

Neural mechanisms of spatial and episodic memory
Neil Burgess, University College London
University of Leicester, April 2018

New and old ideas about the neural basis of semantic cognition
Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph, University of Cambridge
University College London, January 2019