Previous Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Workshops

  • Contemporary and future research into Alexithymia (September 2017)

This EPS funded workshop, organised by Drs Hannah Hobson, Caroline Catmur and Prof Geoff Bird took place on the 15th of September, at the Weston Education Centre, at King’s College London.

The day included a schedule of talks from a range of topics related to alexithymia, spanning its relation to anxiety, interpersonal problems and autism, the relation of alexithymia to interoceptive processes, and the role of alexithymia in emotional problems in eating disorders and traumatic brain injury.

The day also included a postgraduate poster prize (awarded to: Eleanor Palser (UCL), for her poster “Interoceptive sensibility not accuracy is linked to childhood alexithymia”).

The day concluded with a panel discussion with Drs Geoff Bird, Delphine Grynberg and Sarah Garfinkel.

  • Methodological advances in interactive social gaze research: From the lab to the real world (February 2018)

The event took place at the Institute of Education, UCL and the following speakers were invited to give talks over the two days:

Dr. Daniel Richardson (University College London, United Kingdom)
Dr. Megan Freeth (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Prof. Alan Kingstone (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Dr. Victoria Leong (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Dr. Leo Schilbach (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany)
Dr. Jamie Ward (University College London, United Kingdom)
Dr. Nathalie George (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière, France)

A poster presentation session was included, with 58 posters on various topics related to interactive eye-gaze evaluation in real-life and lab settings.

The event was attended by 125 Participants, representing 59 universities from 20 different countries all over the world. There were attendees from 24 different universities within the UK.

The event was particularly appreciated by the attendees for:

– The talks from varied yet focused group of speakers

– Focus of the discussion on the methods and techniques

– “Meet the Expert” session that allowed people to exchange ideas and have discussions about their research

  • Gesture and technology (June 2018)

The workshop took place at University of Warwick, with the following speakers:

James Trujillo, Stefan Kopp, Abi Roper, Juliane Honisch, Judith Bek all taking part. A poster display had been arranged and there were 55 participants counted.

The programme of the Workshop can be found on the workshop’s webpage and these was also a Twitter discussion using the hashtag #gesture18.

  • Metacognition of actions, causes and effects (June 2018)

The public content from this workshop is on Twitter, either on the page set up for the workshop ( or under the hashtag #MetaAction (