Forthcoming Workshop

Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Workshop: Metacognition of actions, causes and effects. To be held at University College London, 21-22 June 2018

Metacognition — the ability to monitor and evaluate one’s own cognitive processes — is key to many aspects of human cognition and behaviour. It allows us to evaluate our performance and detect when we have made a mistake, to assess our own knowledge state in an uncertain world, and to use that information in order to guide our future actions and decisions.

This two-day workshop brings together researchers interested in the metacognitive aspects of how we act on, and interact with, the world around us. This is a broad topic, ranging from counterfactual reasoning about what might have been had we acted differently, to sense of agency, ownership, and control over our own actions, to how we monitor and represent our confidence in our own perceptions and actions, to how we learn about the world by intervening upon it. As such, we hope that this workshop will provide an opportunity for researchers to share new ideas and perspectives across these domains, and to inspire new directions in how we think about metacognition and action.

Organisers: Brianna Beck and Eoin Travers