Forthcoming Workshop

Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Research Workshop: Gesture and technology. To be held at University of Warwick, 3 June 2018

Over the past decade, technologies such as motion trackers (e.g., Kinect, Leap Motion) and Virtual Reality headsets (e.g., Oculus Rift) have become increasingly accessible and affordable. However, such technologies have yet to be introduced in gesture studies, and gesture studies are often neglected in the development of applications for these technologies. For this workshop, gesture is defined as movement of the hands, body, head, and face. In gesture studies, the meaning of these movements is often studied in the context of communication. We will realise an interdisciplinary workshop that brings together gesture researchers and researchers who develop and work with advanced technologies to start the discussion of how such existing technologies could advance gesture studies, and how gesture studies can contribute to the development of useful applications. One could think of a body tracking system for patient monitoring to improve healthcare, or immersive learning experiences with augmented reality and gesture control for education. The workshop is open to researchers at all levels (EPS members and non-EPS members) and will enrich the gesture research community in the United Kingdom.

Organisers: Sotaru Kita and Suzanne Aussems