Minutes of the EPS Business Meeting, Leicester, April 2018




A Business Meeting was held at 5.30pm on Thursday 19 April 2018, at University of Leicester in Lecture Room 1.63.




There were 22 members present at the meeting.


18/15                   Minutes of the 70thAnnual General Meeting heldon Thursday 4 January 2018, at University College London, were agreed and approved. These had been included within the Leicester meeting programme.


18/16                   Matters arising


There were none


18/17                   Secretary’s Report


A brief report was presented. The Hon Sec expressed his thanks to the local organisers of the Leicester meeting for a full and exciting meeting. He also expressed thanks to SAGE for their financial contributions to the Society Prize awards, including those at this Leicester meeting.


The Hon Sec described the new member number information in the recently despatched handbook, and how this would be used to access QJEP.


The new scheme for a President’s Commendation for a student poster was explained, and it was noted that the scheme was in place for the current meeting.We would report outcomes as they became available.


18/18                   Treasurer’s Report


The Hon Treasurer was not able to be at the meeting. On behalf of the Hon Treasurer, the Hon Sec reported that the financial position of the Society remained very strong, and that income continued to meet Society expenditure.


The Hon Treasurer also wished to confirm that following a committee meeting, the EPS had agreed to increase the Grindley Grant allowance for the Canada meeting (to £750 per application). This change was in addition to the meeting-specific arrangements that had already been put in place.


18/19                   QJEP Editor’s Report


The QJEP Editor reported that the Journal position was strong and continued to praise SAGE for their efficiency in leading the new Journal initiatives and their support in developing the Journal. Submissions were strong in number and quality, and he continued to encourage members to look to the Journal as the premier outlet for their best work – the strength of the Society is only enhanced by the strength of the Journal contents.


18/20                   Arrangements for future meetings


The Conference Secretary again noted our thanks to the local organiser and the team for an excellent meeting.


Plans are already well advanced for the St John’s meeting in Canada with CSBBCS. Oral submissions had closed and poster submission were nearly full.


The following meeting would be in UCL and would be a two-day meeting because of constraints with timing and venue availability. Subsequent meetings are planned in Manchester and Bournemouth and among other forthcoming meetings, the decision to plan a meeting in China in 2021 was highlighted.


18/21                   Any other business




Date, time and place of next meeting


The next meeting will be held in St John’s, Canada. Details to be confirmed.