EPS Prize Lecture Videos

EPS Prize Lecture videos from 2009 onwards:

23rd EPS Prize Lecture
Beyond the attentional homunculus: Attention and memory over developmental time
Professor Gaia Scerif, University of Oxford
July 10, 2016, University of Oxford

22nd EPS Prize Lecture
The multisensory basis of the self: From body to identity to others
Professor Manos Tsakiros, Royal Holloway University of London
July 8, 2015, University of Lincoln

21st EPS Prize Lecture by Professor Matthew Longo
Distored body representations in healthy adults
Professor Matthew Longo, Birkbeck College London
July 17, 2014, Newcastle University

20th EPS Prize Lecture by Dr Antonia Hamilton
Towards a neurocognitive frame work for social interaction
Dr Antonia Hamilton, University College London
3-5 July, 2013, Bangor University

19th EPS Prize Lecture by Jon Simons
Memory and the brain: Convergence and divergence between neuroimaging and neuropsychology
Jon Simons, University of Cambridge
January 6, 2012, University College London

18th EPS Prize Lecture by Dominic Dwyer
Licking and liking: The assessment of hedonic responses in rodents
Dominic Dwyer, Cardiff University
July 7, 2011, University of Nottingham

17th EPS Prize Lecture by Ian Apperly
What is “theory of mind”?
Ian Apperly, University of Birmingham
July 7-9, 2010, University of Manchester

16th EPS Prize by Lauren Stewart
Fractioning the musical mind: Insights from Congenital Amusia
Lauren Stewart, Goldsmith’s, University of London
July 8-10, 2009, University of York