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EPS-funded Workshops

Future Research Workshops: 

Recent developments in the neuroscience of symmetry perception (9 June 2017, University of Liverpool) with half day workshop entitled 'Visual properties driving visual aesthetics' taking place the day before (8 June 2017)

Forgetting: A forgotten issue? (14 June 2017, University of Edinburgh) The event is free, but people should register in advance for meeting and catering purposes.

Accelerating the impact of research into sensorimotor learning (Summer 2017, University of Leeds)

The emerging social neuroscience of human-robot interaction (17-18 August 2017, Bangor University)

Perturbing and enhancing perception and action using oscillatory neural stimulation (December 2017, MRC-CBU Cambridge)

Probabilistic learning and computation in the human brain (Spring 2018, Durham University)

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Future Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Workshops:

Contemporary and future research into Alexithymia 15 September 2017, King's College London) Delegates can register for the Workshop from w/c 10 April. A draft and final schedule for the day will appear on the Eventbrite page once all speakers have confirmed.

A list of past workshops can be found here

Noisy brains? The role of internal noise in typical and atypical development