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EPS-funded Workshops

Future Research Workshops: 

The emerging social neuroscience of human-robot interaction (17-18 August 2017, Bangor University)

Perturbing and enhancing perception and action using oscillatory neural stimulation (18-19 January 2018, MRC-CBU Cambridge)

Probabilistic learning and computation in the human brain (Spring 2018, Durham University)

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Future Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Workshops:

Contemporary and future research into Alexithymia 15 September 2017, King's College London) Delegates can register for the Workshop from w/c 10 April. A draft and final schedule for the day will appear on the Eventbrite page once all speakers have confirmed.

A list of past workshops can be found here

Noisy brains? The role of internal noise in typical and atypical development